Urban Agenda comes to WEQY 104.7 fm

We are excited to announce that Lissa Jones will be bringing her recorded show, Urban Agenda, to WEQY 104.7 fm. For years, Urban Agenda has been a cherished and celebrated show in the Twin Cities. This show brilliantly and unapologetically tackles issues around race and racism in ways that are informative, thought provoking, and entertaining. As a consultant, Lissa’s talent and skills have been central to WEQY’s early success and ability to realize our goal of creating a station that empowers our East Side community through engagement and critical dialogue. It seems fitting that as we begin to air a series of new music and talk radio programs, that Urban Agenda is among the list. 

Urban Agenda covers topics and issues that deeply affect Black communities and communities of color in the Twin Cities. Whether you are living on the North Side of Minneapolis or the East Side of St. Paul, this show sparks discussions that make us cry, keep us laughing, call us to action.  In just one hour, you can hear a heartbreaking analysis of police brutality and minutes later hear hilarious commentary about Black popular culture. This show provides a space to tell the stories and history of our community: the ones you hear at the local beauty salon and the ones you tell over Sunday dinner.  In a word, Urban Agenda is home.  It is a place where we share stories, a place where we argue, and a place where we heal.  We are happy that Lissa Jones and Urban Agenda have found a home in WEQY and the East Side.

Urban Agenda will air for the first time on WEQY 104.7 fm tomorrow, Wednesday, January 13th, from 6pm to 7pm and every following Wednesday at that time. Tune in tomorrow to hear Lissa talk racial justice and policy with Vina Kay, Executive Director of Voices for Racial Justice, and Kevin Reese, community activist.  For more information about shows or to become a contributing member of WEQY 104.7 fm, check us out at www.WEQY.org